Third Party Reviews

Louie H. | August 09, 2018 |

"Horrible experience I bought my friend there for a haircut it turn out horrible the line in the back is not evenly straight and my friend told me he felt that the person who cut his hair seem kinda racist and disrespectful because his Asian."

James S. | July 24, 2018 |

"Welcoming and friendly staff. Fast in and out with little hassle. I've been coming here for a long time and they have always done a solid job."

Marion Turner | July 14, 2018 |

"Amanda is the bomb!! Very professional and always goes the extra mile. Love the customer service and awesome attitude."

Dark Warlord | June 25, 2018 |

"The stylist was awesome, asked if she was doing the right thing along the way. Awesome service."

Karem Lujan Ralls | June 09, 2018 |

"Girls were great and my boys look so handsome! Super patient with 3 boys."

John Aguilar | May 22, 2018 |

"I love the stylists at sports clip (most of them). Very friendly and talkative (most of the time)"

Janae Dale | April 29, 2018 |

"Love taking my boys to this place. Stylists always do a great job no matter who we pick. My boys tried the MVP once, now they need it every time. Online check in is fantastic as well - nice to know what time to arrive with 2 wiggly kids....haha Thanks!"

Tull Rea | March 27, 2018 |

"She was no Keeley but she made the cut. I needed a hair cut so bad. I tried to give her a hard time. She was a good sport."

Leelee Linda-Sanderson Hare | March 16, 2018 |

"We checked in online as suggested and chose next available. The system selected the stylist Amanda for an appointment in 10 minutes. We arrived and I dropped my nephew off and ran another errand. I was surprised when I came back 30 minutes later and he was still waiting (so much for online check in). He waited about 10 more minutes. The stylist was very rude and it was obvious to him she didn't want to cut his hair. She botched his cut and said it was what he requested. I spoke to management and they backed up the stylist. We won't be going back."

Brian E. Uecker | March 14, 2018 |

"This establishment allows patrons to carry firearms on the premises, even in the presence of children. I gathered my three year old up immediately and left. You don’t need to carry a firearm to get a haircut."